Mid-Life Mistake #1: Believe you are halfway through your life.
Many men reach their mid-forties and have this disempowering thought that they’re halfway through their life and think what else?

In 1969, aged 40, Donald Fisher was 40 and opened the first Gap store in San Francisco with no retail experience.

Stan Lee, Marvel creator, launched his first comic aged 39.

What to do Instead: Shift your thinking and imagine you’ve only just begun. What else can you achieve and accomplish?

Mid-Life Mistake #2: Settle for what you have.
Many successful professional men reach their mid-forties and settle for the life they have. Life becomes a dreary drudge. Life becomes a cycle of work, seeing the family, and going to bed. You’re probably running on empty — I know I was.

Even working from home doesn’t help — you’re always on and mentally at work.

This is the age where a mid-life crisis can hit hard, and you don’t want that do you?

What to do Instead: Look at what you value most in your life, what’s important and how is it important.

Mid-Life Mistake #3: Give up on your dreams and goals
Most professional men only have goals in one, maybe two areas of life. Most will set business goals, and let’s be honest do you have a process or plan to achieve your business goals?

If you’re lucky, you may set goals in a hobby or sport, and even then, they’ll be vague and ambiguous. E.g. lower your golf handicap.

What to do Instead: Set goals in more than one area of life. When you do, they’ll support each other like a good friend.

The Bottom Line
Even if you’re in your mid-forties or older, this is no time to be winding down and coasting. It’s time to get ready for the next, and most important part of your life. The least important is in the past, let it go and build a plan to live the rest of your life now — and do it with purpose.

Bonus Tip
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