Meet the founder – Chris Hallett

My mission is simple, to be the best I can and help you be the best you can. That means I’m constantly learning and developing to help you create your new life, the one that you love, want and deserve.

You see I know what it’s like to hit rock bottom – I’ve been there.

I’ve had a six-figure income – and lost it.

I’ve been appointed as an MD and asked to ‘name my price’ and then the money guy pulled the plug, leaving me jobless, no career, no prospects, no hope.

I know what it’s like to lose your soul mate, best friend and wife of 34 years…

And I know what it’s like to bounce back too.

 “If you can dream it, you can do it.”, – Walt Disney

After a career as a Musicians in the army, I spent 30 yrs. working in Corporate IT Project Management, both delivering projects, and training project managers and their teams to work in a more efficient way.


For 15 of those years, I was a freelance project management consultant, delivering projects and setting up project management offices. Inevitably that also involved training and coaching project managers and their teams.


When the money man pulled the plug on my role as MD and ordered to leave or work for free the self-talk started. I convinced myself that I was an imposter and believed that I wasn’t good enough – that was the real low point.


I sought help and did a Breakthrough Session with an NLP & Hypnosis Master Coach and eliminated all of the emotional barriers that had hindered my career and literally re-wired by brain.  I set out to learn about NLP, Time Line Therapy ™ and Hypnosis became a certified Practitioner and Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy ™, Hypnosis & NLP Coaching.

In 2021 I was certified as a Trainer of NLP & Hypnosis.


And now it’s my business – to help others over the same monumental barriers that I did, to live the life they love want and deserve.


We owe it ourselves to stack the deck in our favour. We can’t predict the future, so create the one you want with my help.

We Only Live Once, Make It Now

“I believe in walking the talk. Every technique I use with my clients, is verified by me, having used them in my own life”.