3 Energy Sapping Mid-Life Mistakes

Mid-Life Mistake #1: Believe you are halfway through your life.Many men reach their mid-forties and have this disempowering thought that they’re halfway through their life and think what else? In 1969, aged 40, Donald Fisher was 40 and opened the first Gap store in San Francisco with no retail experience. Stan Lee, Marvel creator, launched […]

Midlife Male Menopause: The Big Myth Uncovered

I’m on a mission to educate and help 45–60 yr. old men, navigate the male menopause. Why are you doing this Chris? It’s simple, I’ve experience most of those symptoms and knew nothing about it.I want you to know that you’re not alone and I’m here to help you. The Big MythThe big myth is that the […]

STOP Setting Goals and start achieving them instead, (you know you’ll feel better)

That’s right stop setting goals and start achieving them consistently. And that’s the difference, consistency! Most people set goals they have no chance of ever achieving. Or rather, achieving in the way they envisaged and doing so consistently. What most people do You set a business goal to make a certain income or revenue and as […]

How NLP Will Help You Become a Better Public Speaker

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How NLP Will Help You Become a Better Public Speaker We’ve all been there; you are asked to speak in public and the fear factor kicks in. What do I say, what will people think, what if they heckle me or raise an objection? What if I mumble, stumble of fluff my words? How will […]

Public Speaking and The Dandleion Effect

I sat there silent; no words came out of my mouth. The internal self-talk started. “This was stupid”! “How could I not be able to speak when I’ve been speaking naturally for decades”? “It’s a webcam”. The voice again? Agh! “You have spoken on stage to fifty or sixty people. How camera freak you out […]