Fears and Phobia Hypnotherapy

At Chris Hallett Hypnotherapy we provide tailored, professional hypnotherapy to help you get your habit under control. With 10yrs experience of working with clients we can provide you with the tools to finally kick your habit.

You've probably been a smoker for many years and have tried many ways to quit the habit and still you're a smoker. Stressful events and work can trigger the craving and now you know you need a long term solution.

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How would it feel to totally quit your habit after so many attempts. 

Try as you might with other methods you still crave a 'smoke'. 'Will Power' alone isn't enough.

What if you completely forgot that you were ever a smoker and could simply quit?

It is possible to simply forget that you were ever a smoker using powerful hypnosis interventions.

How would your life change if you could quit now?

Why Choose Chris Hallett Hypnotherapy

Here's what our clients have said.

"I'd smoked for 40 yrs and I left as a non smoker after just one session. Hypnosis definitely worked for me - I had no desire at all to smoke. My habit has gone and I had tried many methods to quit" - Chris Allan June 2018 . 

"My step dad died from smoking related illnesses and I'd had many attempts to quit using willpower. Chris explained everything that would happen during the session and afterwards, my urge to smoke had gone - I couldn't even hold a cigarette, it fell to the floor before". Clare Peters December 2018.

Expertise: With 10yrs experience and having trained with one of England's most widely respected Hypnotherapists, every intervention is designed specifically for each client.
Other methods don't work: Patches, gum, willpower all work at a level that mask the real problem. The problem bein that you have a smoking habit and want to quit. Using the power of hypnosis and NLP we can help you simply 'unlearn' that you were a smoker and other more constructive habits back in its place.

The Benefit: As soon as you leave the session you will benefit in better health and you could also save a small fortune. How will spend the money. See the table below for predicted savings.

How Much Will You Save?

The following table indicates your saving based on an average price of £12.60 pre pack in December 2020.

Cigarettes Per DayWeekMonthYear3 Years5 Years10 Years

How We Work

During the initial call we'll ask you many questions to find out more about you and your history as a smoker. 

Once we have gathered some information from you, you will need to do some work. We need you to keep a log of your smoking, where, when, how many etc. That gives us a better picture of your habits.

Your treatment is tailored to you based on your needs and so we can provide the best possible intervention for you to leave your session as a non smoker.

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All habits are learned and can therefore be 'unlearned'. How would that feel for you?

The one of fee is payable in advance after our initial call and is £375. There is never a better than now to take action.

I'll give you 100% commitment to help you with all of my knowledge and expertise. One thing I'm unable to do ios guarantee results and I suggest you avoid anyone that makes that promise!

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Call 07816 040614 to book a free 30 minute consultation with me personally.