I sat there silent; no words came out of my mouth.

The internal self-talk started.

“This was stupid”!

“How could I not be able to speak when I’ve been speaking naturally for decades”?

“It’s a webcam”.

The voice again?


“You have spoken on stage to fifty or sixty people. How camera freak you out like this”?

The self-talk continued.

“Ok, so stop doing webinars”. That’s the answer.

So, I did; I gave in.

My life changed when I discovered a technique to remove the fear. It has also helped improve my confidence as a speaker both on stage and on camera.

And now, 10 years later, how the world has changed. Everyone is online, speaking to camera and I have built my business to help others overcome that fear.

Or are they?

Even now, I still see and hear other business owners who are reluctant public speakers.

Some banish it completely. Congratulations.

Others find a way to overcome or move around the problem. The big issue is that it’s still there waiting to year its ugly head.

It’s like the pesky dandelion in your garden; cut the top off and you still have the root.

What’s your big fear of public speaking?