That’s right stop setting goals and start achieving them consistently.

And that’s the difference, consistency!

Most people set goals they have no chance of ever achieving.

Or rather, achieving in the way they envisaged and doing so consistently.

What most people do

You set a business goal to make a certain income or revenue and as life would have it, you fall short.

You think you’ve achieved it or almost achieved it.

The Universal Truth

Goals are binary!

That’s right. It’s a yes or no. Have or haven’t.

You achieve it or you don’t — simple.

What To Do Instead

You set an achievable goal that is aligned to your vision and purpose in life.


Because you have every chance of achieving it now and, by fulfilling your vision and purpose, it means so much more.

The Result

The result is — you do it and more importantly, you stop beating yourself up for falling short!

Please note: if you fall short, you haven’t failed! More about that in a later article.

Your Next Goal Achieving Success Steps

As part of the 7 Pillars of Personal Empowerment & Mindset Mastery I give all my clients the Achievable Goals Template.

Now they can follow my formula for achieving goals

Bonus Tip:

One of the best ways to achieve a goal is to believe that you’ve already achieved it.

How cool is that!

And that’s the first step in the Achievable Goals Quick Start Guide which can get completely free here:


To your success!