The Virtual Digital Marketing Manager ™

Have You Ever Wished You Had a Digital Marketing Manager To Lighten Your Workload?

Then you may want to pay VERY close attention to what I’m about to say.

I appreciate exactly what you’re feeling as so many others have too.

If you feel like marketing is a drain on your energy or that your team lacks the strategic marketing thinking necessary to deliver your vision, then I can relate to that. So many other CEOs have the same experience.

Well I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way!

Just imagine having …
A team who execute every marketing tactic needed to build your business
A team guided by a robust strategy and a strategic marketing mind
Real measurable results from your marketing efforts

In a few moments I’ll reveal how you have your own Marketing Manager without the cost of a full-time hire.

You’ll discover how to let go of the day to day marketing management and finally, focus on doing what you do best, follow your passion and be the visionary CEO

As we all know, artificial intelligence is having a massive impact on business and will continue to do so.

It's critical to your success that you have a robust well documented Digital Marketing Strategy otherwise automation will be impossible.

I’ve seen so many overwhelmed and stressed CEO’s unable to cope with juggling stakeholders, investors, their team, and marketing and their health is suffering too.

I’m in the business of helping people so I decided to create The Virtual Digital Marketing Manager™.

My role is to relieve you of the headache of managing marketing as well as being the Visionary CEO.

Most multi-six figure businesses simply haven't the budget to hire a permanent Marketing Manager, nor do they need one full time. Let's look at the costs of hiring a permanent member of the team,and the benefits of hiring a Virtual Digital Marketing Manager .

First Year Costs£73K
Annual Costs of Virtual Marketing Director£30k
Year 1 Savings£43k
Annual Savings (Year 2 onwards)£30k

Just from a financial angle, in year 1 you would save £45k and in year 2 onwards, £33k by hiring a Virtual Digital Marketing Manager.

The main other benefit is in the time to realise benefits from your marketing plan:

Permanent Full-TImeVirtual Part-TIme
Recruitment & Onboarding3 Months2 Weeks
Strategy & Design1 Month1 Week
ImplementationMonth 5Week 3
Benefits DeliveryMonth 6Month 2

Combining the cost savings and time to deliver benefits from your strategic marketing makes sense.

You may think you don’t need one, yet your team, who focus on service delivery and back office functions have no professional marketing expertise, they aren't thinking strategically and are doing the best they can.

What they lack is strategic marketing expertise and management and someone to hold them to account.

Moreover, they aren't tracking measurable activity in a way that helps you deliver on your vision and goals.

The Virtual Digital Marketing Manager™ brings a Professional Marketing Manager who …

Takes away the headache of day to day marketing management
Is a strategic thinker and has access to the latest Strategic Marketing thinking
Has a career in team management and managing large projects
Has a track record of hitting the ground running
Is familiar with the technology needed to keep track of the marketing mix
Is a profession coach who can get the best out of your team
Has a track record in personal development and can help you and your team perform at an exception level
Can always get to the bottom of a problem and resolve it fast with expert coaching skills

Your Virtual Digital Marketing Manager’s primary role is to save time and money. We do this by:

Create alignment between your business strategy and business goals
Create and a 12 month marketing strategy
Create a 90 day implementation plan
Create a 90 day content plan
Create a 90 day publishing calendar
Create a 12 month campaign schedule
Manage your internal team and external service providers to keep them on track
Provide you with regular updates on progress with measurable results
Eliminate recruitment costs of a full time Marketing Manager
Eliminate the learning curve of a new hire
Provide your team with a coaching and training
Provide you with independent expertise and guidance

What Other People Say

Clarity & Traction

“I wanted to get a full marketing plan down on paper for some time. Chris has enabled me to achieve this through his discipline and holding me to account that brought focus, clarity and traction. He supported and guided me with his easy to navigate process that delivers both time and cost savings to me”.


Joint Managing Director, Hospitality Sector


“Chris brings the ability to bring together and manage all aspects of my marketing, website, social media and ensure it gets done”


Director,Training Service Provider, Health & Wellbeing


I commissioned Chris to a Business Strategy and two-year plan. He was honest with his findings and his enthusiasm for the business was motivating and refreshing. I would have no hesitation in encouraging people to commission work for Chris.


On-Line Retailer

The Facts

🛑 80% of small business have no marketing strategy or plan on which to base a digital marketing strategy.

🛑 78% of businesses fail due to poor or inadequate marketing.

🛑 49 percent of CEOs struggle with mental health conditions (anxiety, depression, etc.).

🛑  In a recent study most CEOs said they feel overworked, are facing fatigue, and suffer from chronic stress.

I often get asked, ‘how do I know it will work for me’? The truth is that we constantly updated our own training to stay abreast with the latest marketing strategy and trends.

I also get asked ‘what guarantees can I provide’?

I guarantee that:

✅ You’re hiring someone, trained and with experience to hit the ground running and will save you both time and money
✅ You’ll gain extra valuable hours in your week
✅ I’ll deliver significant benefits from your marketing activities

The truth is that your marketing strategy, applied using the right tactics will bring in guaranteed results.

There’s more to the Virtual Digital Marketing Manager™ than saving you time and money. As a valued customer we provide you with 1-1 support and, you're hiring a professional coach that can help your team perform at an exceptional level.

Imagine knowing you had the chance to hire a Virtual Digital Marketing Manager™ and didn’t.

Opportunities only like this only come up rarely as we only work with 8 clients at one time.

If you want to transform your marketing, free your time to be the Visionary CEO, the time to take action is now.

Have You Ever Wished You Had a Digital Marketing Manager To Lighten Your Workload?

Under the close direction of a The Virtual Digital Marketing Manager you’ll have:

A strategic marketing professional who will ensure your team execute the marketing tactics to deliver you vision
Measurable and tangible results from the marketing execution to support your business goals
More time to focus on what you do best, be the visionary CEO
Create a 90 day content plan
Less stress and anxiety and more time to enjoy life

You’re just one step away from making this happen and change the future of your business.
To get started immediately, book your Marketing Strategy Call here.

P.S. Remember, space is limited, I only work with 8 clients.

The time to act is now to transform your marketing and get the results you really want.

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